This interesting old-time photo was published in the 2005 Cabela's "Deer Hunting" Specialty catalog. My best guess is that this would date from the early 1930's at the latest, perhaps as early as 1920. Clearly these successful hunters live in "Winchester Country," because with one exception—the man on the extreme left—everyone has a Winchester lever action rifle. Mostly Model 1894's, but I see what appear to be a couple of Model 64's (second from left, second from right, and fourth from left; the M 64 came out about 1930 and had a shorter magazine than the M 1892). The guy on the right is holding what appears to be a shotgun, but I can't tell for certain.

Scroll over and click on the man on the far left: there is no doubt that what he's holding is a Vetterli. This is almost certainly one of the guns shortened and sold by Sears. It appears to be an ex-Model 1871, based on the rear sight. It could also be a Model 1869, but the lack of a cover for the loading gate is characteristic of the M 1871. Commercial smokeless-powder hunting ammunition for this rifle would have been available locally at the time, and it's a pretty safe bet that this gentleman (and perhaps his father) had used that Vetterli on many deer at the time this picture was taken.

It's also worth noting that this obviously successful group of hunters did not have any of the widgets and gadgets that Cabela's has managed to convince modern hunters they can't live without! No Gore-Tex, no GPS units, no walkie-talkies, no pocket hand warmers...two of these guys aren't even wearing gloves!