My Border Collie Lucy hates squirrels. To her they are The Enemy, to be attacked at every opportunity. She will sit and watch the bird feeder in our yard just in case one of the Enemy appears, and if one does, woe betide him. Other creatures are to be attacked, but squirrels are her particular passion.

I thought she should have a "kill chart," like the ones they paint on the sides of fighter aircraft flown by successful pilots: she is certifiably an "Ace," with (so far) nine confirmed kills: five squirrels, three groundhogs, and a nine-and-a-half pound possum she cornered under a tree one night.

A few days ago, one of The Enemy made a foray to steal sunflower seeds, and she put him up a tree. You can see this happen by clicking here. Be sure the sound is on! Tehya, the big Chocolate Lab, is essentially clueless about what's happening; but Tehya is pretty clueless all the time.

The squirrel in the video is a real daredevil: he seems to think she'll never catch him. If I had to bet which one will win in the end, I'd bet on the dog.