Here’s a spine-freezing thought for us Snake-phobics:  Florida has a problem with feral pythons.  People buy “pet” pythonsdon’t ask me why— and many have released their former charges into the Everglades. They buy the snakes as cute little 1-footers, feeding them mice and so forth;  but when the snake gets to be 8 feet long and is eyeballing the 5-month-old baby, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore. A substantial breeding population of these animals, some of them more than 12 feet long, now exists in a congenial habitat that is not too dissimilar from the ex-swamp on HHI.  These feral pythons are contending with alligators for the “Top Predator” spot in the Everglades ecosystem. What are the odds that someone has released a python or two in HHI, hmmm?  Or that sooner or later the phone book will have to add a page about gigantic snakes as well as “usually passive” alligators? At least alligators can’t climb trees…I think.