I have a couple of reloading die sets that are "surplus to need," for calibers I no longer shoot. Prices listed below include shipping via USPS to any US address. Please contact me directly if you want any. Include "Reloading" in the subject line, so I'll spot the message when it comes in. These items are in excellent condition, actually near-new. I will be happy to send pictures if you want.

LEE DIES, .30 LUGER. NOT a Lee Loader, a 3-die set for your press. Includes a shell holder and powder scoop. Brand new, never used. INCLUDES 20 NEW PRIMED .30 LUGER CASES. $40

LYMAN 3-DIE SET, .41 MAGNUM. Complete set, in box. No shell holder, Lyman dies don't come with them. $55