What goes around comes around. Despite the lessons of 100 years ago, the US Army discarded .45 ACP for the 9mm Parabellum in 1985, in an effort to standardize calibers with its NATO allies. In the First Gulf War and in the current war in Iraq, once again the medium caliber, high velocity bullet has proven to be inadequate in stopping power. Some units, especially Special Forces troops who can use whatever they like, have gone back to the .45 ACP. There is a growing feeling in defense circles that the 9mm is likely to be replaced in general issue sooner or later, as the .38 Long Colt was in 1911, by the .45 ACP or something close to it.

The Taurus 24/7 SOCOM is a polymer-framed, striker-fired, high-capacity .45-caliber (.45 ACP) pistol, one of several designed and developed to meet the USSOCOM Combat Pistol program specs.